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Why is Tree Removal Risky?

There comes a time when we really need to cut down trees. May it be for safety reasons or for straight up beautifying a landscape, always remember that tree removal is risky and should be handled with utmost care. Though in some cases DIY tree removal is possible, It is highly recommended to seek a certified and trained professional with proper training and equipment for the job.

Why Remove a Tree?

There are plenty of reasons associated with safety and risk that necessitates the cutting down of a tree. Though risk assessment and tree safety management plan should be better evaluated by a professional arborist, here are some cases for you to help identify some:

  • When the roots are causing issues to buildings, and further growth may result in structural issues that can decrease structural integrity.
  • When the roots are blocking your drainage system and damaging other underground utilities.
  • A tree is dead or decaying making it extremely unsteady and may fall without notice.
  • The tree is causing a safety problem to your children’s play area and may endanger them.

Tree Removal Risks

Here are some of the most common risk that makes tree removal so dangerous:

  • The most common hazard is falling from heights. Removing or cutting a tree sometimes needs branches to be cleared first and the use of ladder is in need.The risk is not necessarily above 100 feet high, as long as it is high enough that could result in injury when falling, you are already at risk. 
  • Even with advanced cutting technique and ropes, miscalculation of where the tree will fall is sometimes inevitable. This will result in costly damage when it hits your properties. Worst is, hitting a powerline that may put your safety to risk due to electrocution, not to mention triggering a blackout across the neighborhood.
  • Branches of tree may loose and fall freely to the ground during the tree removal process. If mishandled, these loose limbs may cause injury to people below and even damage precious property and equipment, again, resulting in financial damages.
  • Inappropriate and improper usage of equipment. Accidents like sudden forceful recoil of chainsaw could also pose high risk and even death.

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