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Tree diseases cost homeowners millions of dollars in property damage costs every year by causing the death, and subsequent falls, of trees onto vehicles, homes, and other items.

​The sad thing about this statistic is the fact that these damages can be avoided by having a professional arborist like Tree Service of Huntsville AL diagnose and treat tree borne diseases of all types.

​If you think your trees may have a disease, or if their leaves seem lackluster, contact us via our contact form or give us a call for tree disease diagnosis and treatment.

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5 Most Common Tree Diseases in Alabama

Tree disease is much more common than most would think.

Here are the top 5 most common tree diseases in Alabama:

  1. Pitch Canker: A deadly fungus based disease that affects the entire pine tree family, pitch canker can often be identified by a thinning around the crown of the tree as well as cankers on branches, shoots, and bole of a tree. A dimming of the normally bright and vibrant appearance of pine needles is another factor to consider when diagnosing pitch canker. Tree infected with pitch canker also tend to have an abnormal amount of resin on the bark of the tree.
  2. Brown Spot Needle Blight: Brown spot needle blight is another pine tree family disease that can lead to death and a fall hazard. If you see green or grayish spots of irregular shape on the bark of the tree, needles seem to be dying at a faster than normal pace, or if the north side of the tree is losing needles more than others, your tree may have brown spot needle blight. If you see any of these symptoms don’t put off giving us a call.
  3. Annosus Root Rot: This deadly fungus tree disease is a common killer that can affect multiple trees at a time, and trees of all ages (especially young trees) are susceptible to infection. Visible symptoms of annosus root rot include trees becoming abnormally thin, foliage turning odd colors, visible hardened fungal growths on the tree bark, and pine bark beetle swarms (which are drawn to the visible fungal growths as a food source).
  4. Fusiform Rust: Fusiform rust is one of the deadliest tree diseases, a sickness that causes “Galls” to form in various places on the tree, leading to it’s illness and eventual death if left untreated. If you see pine needles changing color to brown or even purple, swollen spindle shaped areas on branches, or have an unusual amount of broken branches after a windstorm, your trees may be affected by a case of fusiform rust.
  5. Little Leaf Disease: While it may have a cute name, there is nothing cute about the tree disease known as Little Leaf Disease. Symptoms of this disease include shorter than normal pine needles, fox tail shaped needles, brittle twigs, and a thinning crown. Little leaf disease will often kill a tree within 5 years of being infected, but early diagnosis and treatment can lead to the tree or trees in question being saved and revitalized.

If you have reason to believe that your trees have these or any other disease, please give us a call today for a free evaluation.

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