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Stump Grinding and Removal​

green grass with tree stump

Once a tree is removed, the stump is left as a reminder of what used to be.  
In some cases, the stump is left where it is, and people get creative by turning it into a seat or decorating it and using it as a lawn attraction.  

In most cases, however, a leftover tree stump is a nuisance that can cause someone to trip; It is an eyesore in the middle of the otherwise immaculate lawn.  

Tree stumps don’t serve any purpose, but people often leave them on their property because they don’t know how to remove them.  

Tree Service of Huntsville AL offers affordable stump removal services so you can enjoy your landscape without the blemish of a stump in your yard.  

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Do You Need Stump Grinding Service?

Our simplest, most affordable stump removal service is stump grinding.  
We utilize a special stump grinding machine that breaks the stump into small pieces that can later be used as mulch in other areas of your lawn.  

The stump is ground down several inches under the ground, then covered up and leveled so no one will ever know that it was there.  

The remaining stump and roots left underground will eventually decay and disappear though this takes many years to occur.  
Stump removal is a more complicated process in which the stump and roots are pulled from the ground with the state of the art machinery.  

If the tree was very large or ancient, the stump would be much harder to remove because of the large elaborate root system underground.  

A tree’s roots usually grow at least four times the size of the trunk of the tree.  

When a stump removal is completed correctly, a large hole is left in the ground where the stump and roots once were.  
Depending on how extensive the root system is, the hole can be vast.  

Choosing the Right Stump Removal Service

2 dogs sitting on a stump
bottom part of the tree that is going to be removed

Choosing the right stump removal service for you should be based on several factors including the size of the tree trunk, the age of the tree, and the type of tree.  

The older and larger a tree was, the more complicated the stump removal will be.  Tree Service of Huntsville AL will assess the situation and take you in the right direction of which method to use.

Many people see a stump in their yard and don’t consider how extensive the root system is.  They may try to remove the tree stump themselves, utilizing instructions found online.  

Numerous sites are promoting hazardous methods of using harmful chemicals to disintegrate the stump or setting the stump on fire.  

Tree Service of Huntsville AL strongly urges anyone who is thinking of using a dangerous method of stump removal to call us instead.  

We care about the environment and your safety.  
Tree stump removal may seem like an overwhelming project if you have more than a few stumps on your property.  
We can handle all stump removal projects no matter how big or small.  

Consult with Tree Service of Huntsville AL and we will quickly have your property stump-free.