Is Stump Grinding Necessary?

Tree stump or simply the stump is usually a small remaining portion of the trunk with the roots still in the ground after a tree has been cut and lifted.

Should you get it rid of the stump? Or is it best leave it in your yard unscathed and untouched? That piece of stump comes with plenty of questions about what to do next.

Continue reading to answer some frequent question on why and how to remove a tree stump.

Indecisive on leaving or removing a Tree Stump?

Leaving a tree stump in the ground will eventually lead to its decay over time. However, it may take a decade or more. Throughout the process, it becomes home to a number of pest, organisms and even diseases. Moreover, it can also be a trip hazard not only for you but for your family as well. Brian Cox from Davey’s Dallas, Texas office recommends removing a stump if you can.

Why Else Should You Consider Stump Removal?

Pest, organism and fungi’s aren’t the only reasons for removing a tree stump. You should also consider letting go your stump because:

  • It can get rid of the whole look of your yard and even affect the value of your property with a decaying tree stump on-sight.
  • The spot where the stump sits is off limits when mowing your lawn, and the stump or roots could damage your mower if you accidentally roll over them as what Brian said.
  • Far reaching roots of the stump will be a hindrance in planting new trees nearby.

Should You Grind a Stump or Remove It?

There are both pros and cons when you decide on whether to grind or remove a tree stump. Deciding what’s best depends on your future plans for your landscape.

Stump removal causes more disruption or annoyance of the two. The process takes up a lot of time, manpower and equipment’s/tools to get the job done. Good thing after stump removal, fill in the large hole and you got yourself a clean slate open to new ideas for your landscape.

On the other hand, stump grinding is much less intrusive. Grinding is much more efficient but it does leave the tree’s root behind. While stump grinding takes care of the visible remains of the tree, the roots are still spread out underground and can take 10 plus years for it to fully break down.

Contact a professional arborist to assist and recommend on whether to grind or remove a stump.

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