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Common Tree Fungal Diseases

Trees like all living things have an immune system and are susceptible to disease. This means that trees too can fall victim to different types of diseases just like humans do. There’s nothing worse than watching your healthy tree gradually succumb to disease, only to become a safety hazard. 

This leads to homeowners millions of dollars in property damage costs every year by causing the death, and subsequent falls, of trees onto vehicles, homes, and other items.

Most tree diseases are caused by fungi, which thrive during the moist, warm weather common at the start of the growing season.

While this is just a fraction of the many tree disease list, here are some diseases that we see most often which is caused by fungus:


is a common tree disease that results in extensive damage to the leaves and twigs of a tree. It can infect a wide range of tree species, and other strains include sycamore anthracnose and dogwood anthracnose.

Root Rot

Generally, conditions like damp, long time exposure on overwatered, and poorly drained soil will promote root rot. Over time, this will eventually lead to weak, oxygen-deprived roots that are more susceptible to fungal infection and decay. Nearly all species of trees are vulnerable to root rot.

Dutch Elm Disease

Pathogenic fungi or bacteria causes vascular wilt disease. Infected trees will develop a clogged vascular system that restricts the flow of water and sugars in the tree.

Leaf Blister

Leaf blister usually affect most species of oaks. A fungusTaphrina caerulescens causes such disease.

Fruit Tree Diseases

Plenty of diseases can affect fruit trees. Although they vary by host and life cycle, the treatments are usually identical. Rots, blights, scabs, leaf spots and rusts all occur on species of apple, pear, cherry, peach, nectarine, and plum. These fruit tree diseases can affect leaves, stems and, of course, fruit.


or often called stem diseases, occur when a tree has an open wound or cut that becomes infected by a fungal or bacterial pathogen. a stressed tree usually develops a canker. when left untreated, it may damage the tree further.

Needle Cast Disease

Needle cast diseases result in severe and lasting damage to many varieties of evergreen trees. Caused by several species of fungi.

There are plenty more tree disease problems that may occur on your trees. Insects, environmental factors, genetics, and etc., are also one of the main contributors of tree disease.

To protect your trees from diseases like these, it is essential that you perform the proper and ultimate care and maintenance possible. Choose a professional tree care service and professional arborist that will consult with you about the best course of action.

If you plan on removing the diseased tree and or seek further treatment, the decision is all up to you. It is highly recommended to seek professionals that will clearly communicate with and coach you about different methods in treating and improving the health and safety of your trees.

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